Resume-Boosting Words

Effective resumes use strong verbs and adjectives to get across the message that you mean business.

Here are some suggested words that you might use at the beginning of a line in your resume to drive home the message that you have the experience to start work in an afterschool environment:

A: Accomplished, Actively, Adapted, Administered, Advised, Approved, Assessed needs of, Authored
B: Bilingual
C: Collaborated, Completed, Conceived, Conducted, Created
D: Demonstrated, Designed, Developed, Directed
E: Effected, Eliminated, Established, Evaluated, Expanded, Expedited
G: Guided
I: Implemented, Improved, Increased, Influenced
L: Launched, Led
M: Maintained, Managed
P: Performed, Pinpointed, Planned, Proficient at, Proposed, Provided
R: Recommended, Reinforced, Reorganized, Revamped, Reviewed, Revised
S: Scheduled, Secured, Set up, Simplified, Solved, Streamlined, Strengthened, Structured, Supervised
T: Trained