Does this statement apply to you?
Hardly Ever
Never True
I want to find my job challenging
I enjoy making beauty
My job should have a sense of community and belonging
I want a confortable, low stress job
The policies of the company I work for is important
I want promotions often
I want to set my own goals at work
I love to compete
I want to be famous
How much I make is very important whether I take a job
The benefits and perks I recieve are important
I enjoy a job that works with the public directly
Who I work with is important
I wish to be a leader
I want my hours to be flexible
I want my career to express my creativity
Job security is important
I aspire to excellence in my work
I like to show my knowledge of a subject
I want to get the credit (or blame) for my own work
Its important not to have to drive too far to work
I want paid vacation
I want power and authority over others
I want to help others
I need change and variety in what I do
I want to be able to use my abilities
I don't like to work by myself
I enjoy risk
I want others to think my job is cool
I want my job to be stable
I want to be the best at what I do
My boss' managment style is very important
I need the respect of others
I need the support of my supervisors
The work environment is very important
I want to set my own schedule