Has a special appreciation for the arts, and enjoys participation in them. This may involve performing on stage, or creating visual artwork.

  • Clerical
    Enjoys office work of a systematic nature, involving attending to details and routine duties.
  • Food Service
    Likes to be involved in the preparation, serving, or selling of food products.
  • Industrial Art
    Enjoys making or repairing things using machinery, or by hand.
  • Health Service
    Interested in helping to prevent, diagnose or cure diseases through laboratory work, or by attending to the health needs of individuals directly.
  • Outdoors
    Likes working outdoors, especially in agriculture with animals and/or plants. May enjoy the challenge of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Personal Service
    Likes interacting with others and providing the public with services involving personal contact.
  • Sales
    Interested in selling merchandise or services This usually involves an understanding of products and services, informing customers of their features, demonstration, and being persuasive with others.
  • Science
    Enjoys working with abstract ideas, scientific equipment, and mathematical logic and reasoning to solve practical or abstract problems.
  • Teaching/Social Service
    Enjoys instructing people in learning new things, helping people solve problems, and assisting others.
  • Writing
    Enjoys either creative or technical writing. Likely to have broad interests.
  • Assertive
    Prefers working situations in which it is appropriate to assert authority over others, and to direct and monitor their work.
  • Persuasive
    Enjoys work which involves influencing, advising, counseling, guiding, motivating, or directing the activities of others.
  • Systematic
    Prefers jobs that involve routine but challenging assignments in which order and persistent, steady effort are required. Likes job security to be established, and dislikes frequent changes in scheduleĀ and situations requiring quick decisions.