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This page is based on Holland's RIASEC theory of career satisfaction. RIASEC is a theory of vocational choice based on personality types formulated by psychologist John L. Holland. Career counselors and career seekers use these types to focus career exploration and research.

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Personality types explained:


You like to work with your hands. This could mean working with tools, animals, metals, woods, and machines. You may shy away from social situations involving teaching, speaking, or informing others. Prefers practical things that can be seen or heard. You may have a self-view that is practical in nature. You gravitate towards the mechanical.


You like to investigate problems and find solutions. Math and science come naturally to you. You probably don’t like work involving sales, convincing people, or leading others. You put a premium on science and fact-based evidence. You may view yourself as scientific. People think of you as the intellectual type.


You gravitate towards creative activities, like music, art, drama, crafts, and writing. Repetitive activities or situations with a high degree of structure are turn-offs. Naturally gifted with creative abilities that are used for drawing, writing, music, and acting. You may view yourself as independent, expressive, original, and contrarian.


You naturally gravitate towards helping other people and it has likely been this way for you since childhood. Teaching, offering medical assistance, and providing information are all in your wheelhouse. You likely shy away from machines or tools. Likely gifted with teaching, counseling or in some way helping others. Gifted at helping groups or finding solutions for social challenges. People may view you as intuitive, a healer, or even empathic.


You enjoy persuading people and leading groups or teams. Selling, persuading, and convincing people come natural to you. Science and analytical thinking aren’t where you live. Gifted with motivating people to a place of change. Entrepreneurial spirit and a self-starter. You may place a premium on leadership skills or business accomplishments. You may see yourself as a task-master and the person who gets things done. Great in social situations.


You likely gravitate towards work involving numbers. File management, recordkeeping, and operating machines that organize are in your wheelhouse. You aren’t a fan of unstructured environments or work that is ambiguous in nature. You prefer working with systems that follow an orderly flow. You place a premium on success in business. People see you as the orderly-type and excellent at following directions.

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